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Lithium-Ion Cordless Auto-Hammer • Auto hammer is a energy star rated, very handy item Asaki Auto Hammer drives nails where hammers cant! • With it’s LED LIGHT • The Need to drive a nail in tight spaces or overhead where clearance and ergonomics work against you. • The Hammerhead is your solution! Powered by a long-lasting 12 volt Li-Ion battery, the patented • hammering action drives both finish and common nails flush up to 3-1/2 long (16d). • With 3600 Beats Per Minute or strikes, this tool drives nails quickly and effortlessly without the need for expensive pneumatics with cumbersome hoses. • A great tool to have by your side for whatever life throws your way. • Kit includes: two 12 Volt Lithium-Ion battery, One quick charger,Nail remover,Carrying/storage case