Wonder Blue™ Shampoo - 32 oz.

Wonder Blue™ Shampoo - 32 oz.

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This 32 oz bottle of Wonder Blue Deep-Cleaning Moisturizing Shampoo from Farnam is a deodorizing shampoo that cleans deep into the skin to remove dirt and skin debris. Specifically formulated for use on horses, ponies, and show cattle.


  • Deep-cleaning shamppo removes dirt, grease and grime
  • Helps eliminate dry skin and flaking
  • Contains Aloe Vera, one of nature's richest moisturizers
  • Super-moisturizing action leaves horses and dogs with a sleek, shiny coat
  • Works great for dogs and horses
  • 32 oz bottle

Directions for Use: Squeeze Wonder Blue into large pail, twice for heavy sudsing, once for a more diluted solution. Spray approximately one gallon of water into pail to build rich suds. Apply with sponge, working up a lather on all parts of the animal's body. Rinse thoroughly with clear, running water. Remove excess water with a scraper and towel dry. In cold water, blanket or walk the animal until completely dry.