3M 28 dB PVC Hearing Protector Banded Ear Plugs Blue/Orange 1 pk

3M 28 dB PVC Hearing Protector Banded Ear Plugs Blue/Orange 1 pk

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Lightweight and convenient the 3M Banded Style Hearing Protector is comfortable for extended wear and helps reduce your exposure to hazardous noise. The banded style is lightweight and low profile, making these earplugs popular for use with a hard hat and additional safety gear. The soft, flexible foam conforms to your ear canal, providing a personalized fit that helps protect your ears from potentially damaging sound. Whether you're building a deck or working in a demolition zone, protect yourself and your crew with 3M Banded Style Hearing Protectors. Used for headset.
  • Helps protect against harmful noises that are at 85 dB and above
  • Lightweight and adjustable
  • Store around neck when not being used
  • Pods are washable, detachable and replaceable
  • Silicone tips contain a foam core for an effective seal and good noise reduction
  • Flexible band can be worn under the chin for use with hard hats
  • Ideal for intermittent hearing protection needs
  • Highly visible color for easy location on a busy jobsite
  • Great for use with additional personal protection equipment (PPE)
  • Pivoting tips that move with the wearer to help provide consistent protection