Bell + Howell Tac Glasses Sunglasses Plastic 2 pk

Bell + Howell Tac Glasses Sunglasses Plastic 2 pk

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The Bell+Howell Tac Glasses are military-inspired sunglasses with a remarkable light filtering technology that block glares & enhances colors even in the sun or snowy terrain! The Tac Glasses are great for hiking, golfing, watersports, skiing and so much more. Ordinary Sunglasses just make things darker, Tac Glasses block glare and enhance colors to improve optical clarity and make your experience outdoors a comfortable one with sights to remember.
  • Amazing light-filtering technology
  • Lets you see clearly without any glare
  • Enhances colors for eagle-sharp vision
  • Can survive in even the harshest conditions
  • Night vision allows you to see clearly at night