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Active Ingredients – Hydrolysed yeast, yeast extract, yeast culture, acetic acid (preservative), xanthan gum (stabilizer), and FD&C Blue #1. Uses – Celmanax helps bypass health issues, keep animals in optimal condition. With Celmanax your animals get a full dose of yeast culture plus the extra power of MOS ( mann-ologosaccharide) and betaglucans to help bind mycotoxins, improve gut health, increase average daily weight gain and maximize feed efficiency, contributing to increased profitability. Celmanax helps to effectively manage mycotoxic damage while maintaining feed intake and feed efficiency. Including Celmanax in Broiler breeder’s diets helps keep the birds as well as the eggs and chicks free of Salmonella. Directions for use: Dairy: Pre-Fresh Dry Cow: 28 ml/head/day Lactating Cow: 14 ml/head/day Milk replacer: 8 ml/head/day Calf Starter: 8 ml/head/day Heifer: 10 ml/head/day Chickens: Layer, Broiler, Broiler/Breeder: 0.25 ml/L Turkeys: Breeder, Poultry, Grow/Finish: 0.25 ml/L Beef: Beef cow: 10 ml/head/day Newborn to 250lbs: 7 ml/head/day Beef Calf, 250-500 lbs: 7 ml/head/day Feedlot: 12 ml/head/day Swine: Sow: 6 ml/head/day Nursery: 2 ml/head/day Grow/Finish: 6 ml/head/day Withdrawal Period – No withdrawal period observed. Pharmaceutical Precaution: Shake well before use Keep Bottle closed and in a dry cool place Keep Out Of Reach of Children For Animal use only Celmanax has been proven to: • Increase Average Weight Gain • Promote Rapid Growth Rate • Strengthen Immune System • Helps reduce heat stress • Binds Harmful pathogen/toxin, eventually neutralizes their negative impact • Reduce overall Medication Cost • Improves feed conversion • Helps reduce morbidity in birds infected with E.coli and coccidiosis • Helps reduce salmonella colonization