Crescent Lufkin 30 ft. L X 1-3/16 in. W Control Series Tape Measure 1 pk

Crescent Lufkin 30 ft. L X 1-3/16 in. W Control Series Tape Measure 1 pk

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The Crescent Lufkin Control Series is right at home in the hands of professionals who want a tape measure that works as hard as they do. The 1-3/16 in. wide tape with extra-large print has 11 feet of true standout to tackle any job, and the matte finish both reduces glare and protects the blade, ensuring that it holds up through heavy use. The finger brake beneath the tape's feed allows the user to control the blade without risk of pinching, and the blade can be locked in place with the wide lock button protected by over-mold rails. Of course, the best-in-class durability of the Control Series doesn't stop at the lock button rails – the ergonomic case survived 50+ 1-story drops in real life strength testing. The Control Series excels, from the integrated tether point to the 360° grip end hook.
  • Protected lock button and 6-point dual material case for increased durability
  • Anti-pinch, finger tip control feature for increased control when retracting the tape
  • 360 degree end hook and 11 foot standout make it easy for one person use
  • Tether hole for safely working at heights
  • Matte clear protective blade coating for better visibility and durability of the blade