DAP DryDex White All Purpose Lightweight Joint Compound 32 oz

DAP DryDex White All Purpose Lightweight Joint Compound 32 oz

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DAP DryDex lightweight low dust joint compound is a ready-to-use joint compound for the smooth, high-quality finishing of gypsum panel joints, nail heads and metal corner beads. The unique dry time Indicator signals when the next coat can be applied or it is ready to be sanded or painted. Our unique formulation generates 70% less airborne dust than other competitive low dust joint compounds creating less mess and faster clean-up. Lightweight formulation means less shrinkage, so fewer coats are required than with other joint compounds. It works faster with less effort and weighs up to 25% less than conventional compounds for easier handling.
  • 70% less dust for less mess and faster clean-up
  • Goes on pink & dries white when its time to reapply or finish
  • De-aired formula eliminates pin-hole bubbles
  • For ultra-smooth finishing of gypsum panel joints
  • Allow compound to dry before sanding
  • Wiping while wet may leave unwanted smears
  • Wet sand uneven areas with a damp sponge after joint compound has dried
  • Thick paste consistency
  • Expanded silicate filler