Dasco Pro 1/2 in. W X 6 3/8 in. L Cold Chisel 1 pk

Dasco Pro 1/2 in. W X 6 3/8 in. L Cold Chisel 1 pk

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DASCO PRO, Inc. offers a broad range of forged hand tools used for carpentry, masonry, and demolition. Our 89 year legacy brand incorporates time tested design, superior materials, and distinguishing technology. Construction professionals, home improvement enthusiasts and hobbyists alike ask for DASCO PRO striking tools because quality tools equal quality work.
  • What's Included: Cold Chisel 1/2" Drop Forged High Carbon Steel
  • Precision ground for cutting, shaping and removing metal that is softer than the cutting edge of the chisel
  • Designed to cut nuts, bolts, tees and other metals softer than the cutting edge
  • Forged from the high-grade domestic steel for long-lasting use
  • Heat-treated precision ground cutting edge executes fast, clean cuts
  • Target head striking area helps protect hands from missed hits
  • Larger target head reduces mushrooming from repeated blows
  • Meets or exceeds ANSI standards