Dasco Pro 5 in. L Cold Chisel Set 3 pk

Dasco Pro 5 in. L Cold Chisel Set 3 pk

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DASCO PRO offers a broad range of forged hand tools used for carpentry, masonry, and demolition. Ask for the DASCO PRO Cold Chisel Set because quality tools equal quality work.
  • What's Included: 5/16 (401), 5/8 (406), 3/4 (408) in. chisels
  • Designed to cut nuts, bolts, tees and other metals softer than the cutting edge
  • Forged from the finest high-grade domestic steel for long-lasting use
  • Heat-treated to hold a sharper, long lasting edge for fast, clean cuts
  • Larger target head striking area reduces mushrooming from repeated blows
  • Target head striking area helps protect hands from missed hits