Dexon Super 50G

Dexon Super 50G

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  • Contains:
  • Pentapotassium bis(peroxymonosulphate) bis(sulphate)
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An effective cleaning and disinfection program is a crucial step in every poultry, pig and cattle biosecurity program. The main purpose of a cleaning and disinfection program is to reduce the number of pathogens (disease-causing agents) in the environment. By reducing pathogen numbers, we can reduce the potential for diseases to occur in our animal flocks.

Dexon Super is a highly concentrated Peroxygen based disinfectant. Dexon Super is highly effective against wide range of bacteria, viruses, fungi and moulds with rapid speed to kill. It performs on all surfaces, and is highly effective in hard water, at low temperature and in the presence of organic matters.


Highly effective and multiple purpose virucidal disinfectant

  • - Broad spectrum
  • - Effective against wide range of microorganisms including viruses, bacteria, fungi and moulds
  • - Highly effective against important Animal diseases like Newcastle disease, Infectious bronchitis, infectious bursal disease, Marek disease, infectious laryngotrachitis, egg drop syndrome virus, avian influenza, foot and mouth disease, porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus and swine vesicular disease.
  • - Support in reducing the antibiotic usage in animals
  • - Wide range of applications
    • - Hard surface disinfection
    • - Aerial disinfection
    • - Vehicles and equipment disinfection
    • - Drinking water sanitation
    • - Biofilm removal
    • - Cleaning and disinfection of water system
    • - Footdip
    • - Biodegradable
    • - Safe to use in presence of animals
    • - Harmless to the user, animals and environment
    • - Non-corrosive and non-tainting at used dilution
    • - Active until seven days when mixed in water
    • - Proven results in farm biosecurity