Durhams Natural Cream Water Putty 64 oz

Durhams Natural Cream Water Putty 64 oz

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Durham's Rock Hard Water Putty, Durham's is the go-to solution for repairing wood, patching plaster and drywall, and other materials. Durham's can also be used for art projects from simple crafts to beautiful works by top crafters and professional artists. Durham's Rock Hard Water Putty permanently adheres in wood, plaster and tile and is wonderful for molding. It stays put and does not shrink. It can be sawed, sanded, polished and colored.
  • Repair material in powder form, to be mixed with water
  • Can be used on walls, floors, furniture, woodwork or plaster
  • Hardens in 45 minutes
  • Can be colored or painted
  • Saw, sand, polish, color, mold or drill
  • Use it to repair furniture, set loose handles, repair tiles, and mold novelties
  • 4 lbs.
  • Fills cracks, knots, nail and screw holes.
  • Repairs floors, furniture, plaster, walls or woodwork.