Irwin 15 in. High Carbon Steel Multi-Use Saw 11 TPI 1 pc

Irwin 15 in. High Carbon Steel Multi-Use Saw 11 TPI 1 pc

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Unique Handle Design – The patent-pending unique handle-to-blade design, combined with the patented universal triple-ground teeth, completely eliminates binding and cuts three times faster than traditional handsaws through virtually any material.
  • Patented Universal Tooth Grind The patented universal tooth grind rapidly removes material, delivering the speed thats expected from a coarse-cutting saw with the fine finish of a fine-cutting saw in most standard building materials.
  • Comfort Grip Handle The comfort handle is constructed of a high density resin and molded into an ergonomic grip. This handle is lighter than traditional handsaws resulting in less hand fatigue.
  • The Blade Profile The blade profile has a tapered-pitch nose for improved clearance through materials and stability with every stroke.
  • Thick Body Blade The thick body saw blade is .85 mm thick with a water based lacquer coating, delivering a faster, more controlled cut.
  • 90 and 45 Markings The 90 and the 45 angle markings are fast and convenient features, providing a reliable straight edge for quickly marking work surfaces.